Tuesday, October 12, 2010

report from media class 2

during the meeting, we were talking about what kind of city do you like in the United States. Two American partners had not gone to east and west part of the U.S. but my other group members who are CESL students, they traveled a lot. they had been to California, New York City and Florida. For me, I also had been to many cities, such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC and Chicago.but I never went to the east part of the U.S. Also, we are talking about the holiday in our country. In China, the Chinese new year is a really important holiday.It just look like Christmas in the U.S. during the Chinese new year. all the family members would get together. the children really like it because they can receive lots of gifts. On the other hand, I learned most of their holidays are related to the religion but Chinese holidays are not.

report from media class

In this time, We talked about how will we celebrate Holloween because the Holloween is coming soon. The Americans, who are from the SIU, said they will dress up and go to the party, and also talked about when they was children, they would go around their neigbour to get some candy. In China, we do not have Holloween this kind of holiday. so I am really interested about that. When I asked them are you guys interested going to haunted house? they were really excited, they really wanted to go, but they felt scard. For me, Holloween this kind of holiday is from western countries, we do not celebrate it except Hong Kong and Macau, I hope I can look like them to dress up and go to the party to have fun. And maybe I will go to haunted house in St.Louis with my friends.I think that will be a lot if fun.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal#5

Reardon, M. (2009, April, 14) “Blackberry experience e-mail outage”. CNN.com retrieved December 11, 2009. From http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/ptech/04/14/cnet.blackberry.email.outrage/index.html

This article talks about that Blackberry e-mail cannot be provided for 3 hours. The problem makes the people that use Blackberry lose much information. They can’t receive or get e-mails. And also an outage happened before. Although it begins to work well, it shows there’re still some problems with blackberry----so easily hurt. Blackberry should get strong so that can win the competitive with Apple’s Iphone.
In my opinion, when I stay china, there are many people have high-tech cell phone. They always talk about the cell phone’s brand. Which brand produces a good series cell phone that have a lot of function? When I come to the United States, I see many people’s cell phone very common. It does not have color background, and other function, just is a communicate tool. Blackberry and Iphone are high-tech cell phone from different communications company. For me I think, high-tech products also would have some problem because this high technology just was invented for a while. So this is a common thing for the high technology products. Blackberry have some problems for the E-mail receive, I think the company would come up with some ideas to fix this problem. Apple Company is a really strong company, their products are very popular in the world, and they independently developed a new system for the computer is really good. They become a opponent with the Microsoft. They are Ipod mp3 player also being a leader for the company that produces the mp3 player. If the Blackberry want to attract more customers to buy their cell phone, I think they need to think about lots of new and good ideas to improve the cell phone.

Reading Reaction Journal#4

“Opera is music for the heart”. (2009, June 22). BBC NEWS. Retrieved June 22. 2009. From http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8112247.stm

According to the article “Opera is music for the heart”. Listening to opera may have many benefits for people’s heart, blood pressure and cardiovascular system. The article mentions how the right kind of music could make you health, and have better mood. However, faster tempo can increase breathing, heart rate and blood pressure in recent years, more and more medicine program use opera music or classical music as a treatment to help patient to recover. Therefore, this is a new treatment for this century for human. Also it is not only because cheap, also could be really useful to people who have heart disease, blood pursue or other disease.

Today, I think this process does not make sense anymore. Moreover, in my opinion, opera is a right kind of music to listing. In other words, if opera is a helpful music, the singer also can get more benefit from the opera. When the singers singing the song they need breathe deeply. When they continue to breathe deeply, which helps their respiratory system. In the other ways, I think this really can help people who have a good mood. For example, when I sing a song, I can vent out my emotions, when I am unhappy I would sing some songs that are slow and sad. When I am happy I would sing some songs that are light music. My friend study opera for a while, she hopes she can have a chance to get a job, such as opera singer or opera teacher. She want to provide a lot of opera works to shear with other people.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal#3


Bleed. J. (2009, November 11). “ Wal-mart to Keep stores open 24 hours to ease Black Friday”. USA TODAY. Retrieved November 11, 2009. From



Wal-mart company plans open 24 hours on Black Friday. Customers can wait in different area near the store and do not need to wait for lined up outside the store that can avoid the customers body collision, because of conflict between the human body was causing somebody death in 2008. Wal-mart created a management plan for New York stores, and also created a safely plan with other companies for Black Friday.


People hold different views about Black Friday, some people are of the opinion that the Black Friday is terrible day, many people go to the mall buying stuff. They do not like crowed scenes. The other people have different opinion, they like buy some stuff in Black Friday because they can find many good deals in the mall and like shopping that the moment of stimulation. In my opinion, I am very interested for Black Friday, for international student, I never see this crazy thing in my hometown and I am very excited to see the crazy sale deal. Wal-mart companies create the safely plan and open 24 hours in the Black Friday that is a good thing for the people to buy something that is low price. People can avoid the body collide led to the accident, and have good Thanksgiving Day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal#2



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